Enyhén döntött tetőre 30 kW-os napelemes rendszer kiépítése.

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Building type



Installation of a 30kW solar panel system on a slightly sloping roof.


Solar panel system had to be fixed using a technique without drilling and to leave untouched the insulation of the roof.

Chosen product for the project

For the success of the project, we decided to use PVC Spider due to its versatile profile and outstanding technical features:

  • Product can be attached to the roofing by hot welding.
  • Adaptation to variable panel sizes: panel length: up to 2350 mm, width: up to 990-1134 mm, panel thickness: up to 28-46 mm.
  • Can be attached to PVC type material.
  • Panel inclination can be adjusted by raising it by 10° or parallel to the plane of the roof.
  • Technical features of mounting solutions:
    • Main elements: pure aluminum (AL6005-T5)
    • Connecting elements: stainless steel (A2/SUS 304)
    • Outer cover: PVC-P/EVA profile
  • Roofing protection: There is no surface damage due to the hot welding.
  • System that can be installed easily with technical knowledge and experience.
  • Outstanding warranty: we provide a 5-year warranty for the installation and 12 years for the mounting system.
  • Warranty for solar panel: typically range from 12 to 30 years, depending on the type of the panel.


  • Solar panel orientation assignment
  • Measuring and adjusting of the PVC Spider rail
  • Construction of electrical infrastructure
  • Unique fixing technique
  • Smart meter, reverse protection and battery installation
  • Cable management with UV protection
  • Connecting optimizers

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