Ipari környezetben bitumenes lapostetőre 49 kW-os napelemes rendszer telepítése.

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Building type



Installation of a 49kW solar panel system on a bituminous flat roof in an industrial environment.


  • Roof accessibility.
  • Adaptation to other technical systems on the roof: air conditioning outdoor units, lightning protection, antennas, chimneys, uneven roof surface.

Chosen product for the project

We have decided to use COMT68 KIT due to its outstanding technical features:

  • Modular arrangement: broken down into panels, it can be installed individually, it is possible to set the mounting system to any orientation: south or east-west arrangement.
  • Adaptation to varying panel sizes: suitable for installing solar panels of different sizes.
  • It can be installed on all types of roof covering: concrete, gravel, gravel, bitumen, or even on PVC/TPO.
  • It has a fixed tilt angle of 10° and can be installed on buildings of different heights.
  • Technical properties of the support structure:
    • Main elements: aluminum (AL6005-T5)
    • Connecting elements: stainless steel (A2/SUS 304)
  • Roof covering protection:
    • 10 mm thick, step-resistant building protection
  • Simple and quick installation: the component-free structure integrated with the ballast is a unique solution on the market, which is delivered pre-assembled, thereby we are saving time during installation.
  • Outstanding warranty: we provide a 5-year warranty for the installation and 12 years for the support structure.
  • Depending on the type of solar panel chosen, the warranty varies individually (typically from 12 to 30 years).

Project execution

  • Solar panel orientation assignment
  • Measurement and adjustment of weight feet
  • Laser levelling
  • Construction of electrical infrastructure
  • Unique fixing technique
  • Smart meter, reverse watt protection and battery installation
  • Cable management with UV protection

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