Heat pumps

Heat pumps are an innovative and environmentally friendly solution that utilizes the physical properties of the refrigerant to transport heat from the environment into the building.

Solplanet heat pumps of the SOL AIRPOWER series are highly aesthetic and efficient heating and cooling devices. With a wide range of available models, we can select the appropriate power of the pump that best suits a given type of building. This may be either a new energy-efficient structure or a building that has been retrofitted to adjust it to low- temperature heating.

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Main features

Intelligent defrost function

Advanced operating algorithms use
the heat contained in the hydraulic
system and an electric heater to
effectively and quickly defrost the
external heat exchanger components

Modern refrigerant R32

  • High efficiency in heat transfer
  • Low CO2 emissions
  • Much lower GWP (Global Warming Potential) coefficient
  • No need to report the heat pump to
    the Central Register of Equipment

High efficiency in heat transfer

  • Optimizing the cost of power
  • Lower energy bills
  • Care for the environment
  • The devices are eligible for all local
    government subsidies

Panasonic Inverter compressor


Sleek & innovative design


Controllable via remote control


The most important functionalities

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Heat pumps


1 869 660 Ft + VAT

Heat pumps


1 111 500 Ft + VAT
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Heat pumps


1 247 805 Ft + VAT
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Heat pumps


1 439 100 Ft + VAT
  • Panasonic Inverter compressor
  • The highest level of energy efficiency: A+++
  • EVI technology – enables operation at lower temperatures, up to -30°, increasing the efficiency of the heat pump by 30%
  • Maximum water heating temperature 60°C
  • High COP values
  • The WiFi module enables remote control of the device
  • Operating range up to -25°C thanks to EVI technology
  • Elegant and modern appearance
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