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About SolarLuna

Our company is a master distributor of international solar mounting solutions, inverters, electric car chargers, heat pumps and electrical test equipment which meet the internationally accredited standards.

Thanks to the uniquely designed innovative technology and quality materials, our solar systems can be installed easily and quickly, which saves time. Due to the exceptional technical solutions, we have fewer components and more integration options.

Our inverters, electric car chargers, heat pumps and electrical test equipment are reliable, has excellent quality and good value for money, so they can be an excellent choice for both residential and commercial customers.

Nevertheless, we strive for continuous development and following the latest technology to provide high-quality standard and make available the best products on the market. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find the best offer for you.

Our company in numbers


years of industrial experience


satisfied customers

75000 pcs

of installed solar modules

140 MW

international installation

41108 tons

of co2 pollution equivalent to 1 888 792 planned trees

Gábor Bencze
Managing Director



Energy expert Gábor Bencze, founder of SolarLuna Kft., strengthens the market of renewable energy sources with over 25 years of professional experience.

His passion for electricity and environmental protection moved him in the direction of sustainable energy sources and he started to work in this field.

He completed his specialized studies in England then worked as a residential and commercial solar panel installer. From 2012, he was a recognized lecturer in renewable energy department at North Hertfordshire College.

After Gabor left England in 2013, he continued his career in Australia. In the beginnings he worked as a solar panel mechanician and installer, then he moved to sales. Using the experience he gained he has founded his own company the SolarLuna in Australia and then in Hungary too.

During his international residence, Gábor was the manager of several international projects and carried out successful installations in England, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Hebrang András

András Hebrang
Office Manager

Kis Gergely

Gergely Kis
Procurement and Sales Manager

Malomsoki Anikó

Anikó Malomsoki
Marketing Manager

Szabó Jonathán

Jonathán Szabo
Project Manager

Bencze Tamás

Tamás Bencze
Warehouse Manager


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