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Building type



Installation of a 55kW solar panel system on a pitched trapezoidal roof in an industrial environment.


  • Slippery roof surface
  • Cable ducts on the roof and inside the building

Chosen product for the project

We chose the Mini rail 380 mm product due to the distribution of the ribs of the pitched metal roof.

  • Waterproof product: the Mini rail is a structure with 380 mm EPDM rubber protection, which is compatible with the universal clamp we sell.
  • Adaptation to varying panel sizes: suitable for installing solar panels of different sizes.
  • Technical properties of the support structure:
    • Main elements: aluminum (AL6005-T5)
    • Connecting elements: stainless steel (A2/SUS 304)
  • A cost-effective solution: panels side-by-side can be attached to the same rail.
  • Simple and quick installation: after measuring, it can be fixed on the roof with 4 screws.
  • Outstanding warranty: we provide a 5-year warranty for the installation and 12 years for the support structure.
  • Depending on the type of solar panel chosen, the warranty varies individually (typically from 12 to 30 years).

Project execution

  • Solar panel orientation assignment
  • Construction of electrical infrastructure
  • Cable management with UV protection
  • Installation of a high-performance inverter

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