Családi ház mellett lévő márványlapokkal lerakott területre 9 kW-os autóbeálló telepítése.

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Building type

Family house


Installation of a 9 kW carport on marble slabs next to a family house.


Perfect fit to the plane of the roof and the wall of the house.

Chosen product for the project:

For the successful implementation of the project, we have decided to install our market-leading mounting system: SL Carport, due to its versatile technical features:

  • SL Carport is a solar parking solution providing solar panels support as well as car sheltering for residential and commercial projects. Solar panels on the roof are also generate electricity, has financial benefit and a great environmentally friendly solution.
  • The high-quality aluminium components and stainless-steel fasteners ensure a robust and reliable system.
  • With the exquisite structure design, the waterproof function is available without using a large amount of EPDM rubbers.

Main benefits

  • Modular system: SL carport can be installed individually and can be connected to each other.
  • Adaptation to variable panel sizes: Different sizes of panels can be installed to the carport.
  • It can be installed on all types of ground structure: The SL carport can be installed on soil, concrete, tile, gravel, paving stones, or even tiles.
  • Easy Installation: Thanks to the innovative structural design, the system can be installed with less steps in a short time.
  • Waterproof: With the new structural design, the SL Carport totally waterproof after real testing in rainy day.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Manufactured from high quality anodized aluminium and stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, SL Carport offers reliable and durable solution.
  • Customized Solution Available: SL Carport is suitable for projects of small parking and large-scale parking lots, which is developed to caters for customer requirements. We can offer N-Shape or W-Shape supports. Both silver anodized and black anodized products are available.

Technical details

Module Orientation

Landscape or Portrait

Module Type

Both Framed and Frameless

Wind Load


Tilt Angle

5° or 10°




Main Structure: AL6005-T5
Fasteners: SUS 304


AS NZS1170.2-2011 │ EN1991 IJISC8955-2017 │ASCE 7-10


12 years

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