A Bramac Római Novo alapcseréppel rendelkező családi háznak 12 kW-os napelemes rendszert építettünk ki.

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Building type

Family house


We have installed a 12kW solar system for the family house with Bramac Római Novo basic tiles.


Small roof surfaces on different building levels and different orientations.

Chosen product for the project

For the implementation of the project we have decided to use the ECO two-point adjustable hook due to the following main technical parameters:

  • Integrability: Best product to level the unevenness of the roof.
  • Simplicity and speed: Height of the hook can be adjusted with a 13 socket wrench and it can also be attached to the mounting rail, which is unique compared to other support structures on the market.
  • Compact product: ECO Two Way Adjustable Tile Hook is available with a rail fastening element, it does not need to be assembled separately (no sliding nut), the advantage is that there are no unnecessary connecting elements during assembly.
  • Reliability: 5 mm material thickness ensure the stability of the support structure.
  • Outstanding warranty: 5-year warranty for installation and 12-year warranty for the supporting structure.
  • Warranty for solar panel: typically range from 12 to 30 years, depending on the type of the panel.
  • Technical features of mounting solutions:
    • Main elements: pure aluminum (AL6005-T5)
    • Connecting elements: stainless steel (A2/SUS 304)

Project execution

  • Solar panel orientation assignment
  • Measurement of hooks and rails
  • Laser levelling
  • Setting exact tilt angles
  • Construction of electrical infrastructure
  • Unique fixing technique
  • Installation of a smart meter
  • Cable management with UV protection

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